What does Frogfoot do?

Frogfoot provides the infrastructure on which Fibre services can run.

What does your Internet Service Provider (ISP) do?

  • Your ISP provides you with the connection to the Internet using the Frogfoot fibre and infrastructure.
  • Frogfoot has over 140 ISP’s you can choose from.
  • Choose one you know and trust.

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Reliable Support

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Fast, super-affordable broadband is now a reality for those who live within the Frogfoot air coverage areas.

  • Faster connectivity speeds that are secure and highly reliable at an affordable rate
  • Connects to multiple smart devices, supports video streaming, VoIP calling, and lightning-fast browsing
  • Choose from our range of uncapped and capped bundles
  • Build your FTTH package to suit your needs by adding uncapped voice, a line up to 1 Gbps , Office 365 and so much more
  • Check availability in your area NOW


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