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The Members of Key Computers


James Sharkey


James has 35 years of experience in IT. Beginning in the mainframe environment he switched to PCs when he started Key Computers on the South Coast in May 1988. While dealing with the day to day running of the business he specialises in the implementation and support of accounting and payroll solutions. “I never tire of IT. The constant change of computer hardware and software ensures you never stop learning,” says James.

James believes in looking at projects from a practical standpoint and ensures that the delivery promises are met. His innovativeness and a strong mentoring personality has ensured that he builds a team that is complete within itself and works towards a common goal. He believes in teamwork and that each member of the team must have the will and ability to succeed to ensure the overall outcome is successful.


Chris Heller


Chris has 18 years of experience in IT all of them with Key Computers. Chris is a very technical person who usually solves any hardware or software challenge presented to him. The more complex the issue the keener he is to solve it! .

Chris has extensive technical experience. He can configure a network server, trouble shoot a wireless network or repair a hard drive. Chris investigates and evaluates new products. He believe in exploring how new technology can be used to enhance the end user’s experience of IT and how it can be used to get the job done faster and easier. Chris manages the technical team and helps them deliver the best solution on time that meets customer demand and market needs.

About Us

Established in 1988 on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Key Computers has grown to become one of the major computer companies on the Coast. Our modern and well equipped offices are situated in Shelly Beach, the fastest developing portion of the Coast. This allows us to serve both portions of the coast with equal ease.

We have the technical personnel to support you on a wide range of hardware and software products. We can help you install an ADSL modem, setup an accounting or  payroll system or design and  install a network or  enable your CCTV security system on the Internet.  Whether you have one PC or  fifty our  technical team can support you.  We have a combined knowledge base of more than 60 years in the computer industry. And we learn everyday!

A combined knowledge base of over 60 years in Information Technology is used to benefit customers every day!

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